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Rob Teel

Passionate About Inspiring Others

I began my career in Cyber Systems Operations and as a Combat Skills Instructor while serving as enlisted on active duty in the U.S. Air Force with an elite combat communications unit.  Later, I became a member of a Special Operations Wing where I completed graduate studies, and commissioned as an officer.


As an IT Professional, I have served in senior leadership positions and been recognized globally as a top performer for a Fortune 500 company, federal, state, and municipal governments. Most recently, I served as a Chief Technology Officer and Startup Advisor.

I have worked closely with Fortune 100 Chief Executives, U.S. Military Special Operators, Cabinet Secretaries, Professional Musicians, and Celebrities. I regularly participate in discussion panels and deliver keynote addresses alongside industry CXOs from the world's leading corporations.

Currently, I serve on the Advisory Boards for a global non-profit organization and several professional associations. I love a good laugh, music, great food, volunteering for good causes, and engaging in outdoor activities and high adventure that takes me away from a computer screen.

All of these activities and the hard lessons learned over the years have culminated in a truly unique perspective and inspired the writing of my book, "Lunch Sack Leadership." I have developed a unique leadership-lifestyle methodology and curriculum, and it would be an honor and pleasure to share it with you and your team.

“Rob is a tremendous leader and mentor that quickly motivates others towards organizational and personal success. Our team’s strength was directly attributed to his presence, and I cannot imagine any other outcome other than success with his positive and charismatic leadership style. Rob has my highest recommendation!”  U.S. Special Operations Wing Commander


“I had the pleasure of reporting directly to Rob, and without a doubt I can say that he truly brought a breath of fresh air to the management of our organization. Rob's team consistently performed beyond expectations and he was able to maintain excellent morale along the way. The group that Rob was responsible for was a new one and its primary goal was to reduce costs while providing a better experience for our Customer and Potential Customer's in the area of Proof of Concepts. He definitely succeeded and paved the way for a new paradigm for POC's that offered efficiencies and a better experience.” 


“Leaders are not judged by what they do, but rather by who follows and volunteers to do as they ask. Rob is a friendly and formidable leader. I have had the privilege of working with Rob bringing initiatives to solutions. Observing Rob lead his team is magical. Through listening and understanding the objectives of the project, then allowing and his team to "own" their part, he imparts dignity, pride and feeling of success to his team members. He manages by examining situations and clearing obstacles. In a world of micro - management Rob Teel sets himself apart with friendly, customer obsessed integrity, and leadership.” 


“Rob is a fantastic leader. He naturally inspires and brings energy to anything he touches. He's unquestionably been the best leader/manager I've personally had the pleasure of working for. He knows how to get things done, but more importantly knows how to inspire people to do the best that they can. A true leader.”


“In my 40+ years of working in IT I have never met a finer, more charismatic leader. Rob has been both an inspiration and solid foundation for team building. His spirit and demeanor are the benchmark for all to follow. It’s been both a pleasure and privilege to work with him. An avid participant in many community efforts, I admire his dedication to our leadership as well as giving back to the community. Through his leadership, productivity and morale has been at an all-time high for our team.”


“Rob is an amazing manager and mentor. He knows how to get the best from his people and how best to support them. Together we stood up a global organization and became a recognized sales-making force for success. His infectious optimism makes every day a joy and his drive made our organization better every day.”

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