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Non-Profits, Civic Organizations & Religious Institutions Training

Training consists of 8 sessions completed in groups of 2. Each session will take approximately 2 business days or 16 hours.

Sections of the course can also be conducted in a retreat-style off-site format. It is recommended that follow-up sessions are scheduled after a retreat to track progress and results and to revisit the key elements of the program.

Price is determined on a case-by-case basis and is paid per person per 2-day session. If you wanted 10 people to do all four sessions the cost would be the per-person fee 4x10. The sessions would be spread throughout the year once a quarter. We’re willing to work with your schedule and training budget and will customize the curriculum specifically for your organization. We provide training to all civic organizations, non-profit and religious institutions. The cost per person does not include travel expenses which will be invoiced to the client in addition to the per-person fee.

session ONE (1-2 DAYS)

Self-Awareness – Personality Tests
One size does not fit all

session TWO

Efficiency vs Authenticity – Relationship building

session THREE 

The ROI of customized preference-based leadership
Crunchy or Smooth. Designing a team that wins

session four

Your Habits Matter
Creativity & Flexibility

Inversion-Launch model consulting

Creating a business structure using the inversion-launch model

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