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Mountains in Clouds



This consists of 12 or more one-on-one, 2-hour sessions with the author. A comprehensive mind-body-spirit plan (MBS). The MBS plan is built around you achieving life congruency, which will create the right kind of success and not just a mountaintop experience, promotion, or career goal achievement. One of the problems with modern success coaching is that it often only focuses on tangible or measurable results. The mind, body, and spirit personal development program, which is the advanced personalized curriculum of the Lunch Sack Leader is designed for you to achieve both measurable and immeasurable results. The Intangible and immeasurable are the invaluable outcomes of life’s most precious experiences of love, joy, and peace.

Many people achieve great success in their careers, but when they reach the top of the mountain, the celebration is short-lived. They find themselves miserable and lonely, with damaged and degraded relationships and broken physical and mental health. They paid a heavy price for the cost of their success. They achieved their goals, thinking that accomplishment would make them feel whole and fulfilled in life.

No matter what stage of life you’re currently in, Rob will work with you to establish congruency, so that when you reach your milestones, you have an invaluable sense of love, joy, peace, and contentment. You will not be alone but surrounded by those that matter most to you.

Rob has had the honor of working with Fortune 100 Chief Executives, U.S. Military Special Operators, Cabinet Secretaries, Professional Musicians, and Celebrities

focus areas
  • Personal & Professional Conflict Resolution

  • Career

  • Nutrition

  • Fitness (3rd Party)

  • Relationship counseling

  • Spiritual Disciplines

  • Specific Anxieties

  • Parenting

  • Stress Reduction

  • Relaxation

  • Habit change

  • Habit Formation

  • Congruent Goal Setting

  • Trauma counseling

  • Resiliency

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